About us

Ross Agri is a privately owned and operated Fuel/Oil/Lubricant Services Company.  We are an Agent Dealer for Imperial Oil proudly waving the Esso flag at all of our locations.  We are in our 30th year of business, serving the Camrose and area market.  Our full range of products and services reach into many rural communities in Central Alberta .

Our #1 objective is to provide safe, leading edge Oil/Lubricant products and services to Central Alberta; mindful of our environmental, social and moral obligations.

In all of our locations we are known for having the best people in the industry! What actually makes us different from the competition is our great and knowledgeable staff, our quick response to serving customers with innovative technology, services, equipment and products.

Our employees are our strength.  They are the long term relationship builders.  Customers far and wide like our people, products and services, and routinely drop into any of our locations to socialize and enjoy coffee and donuts.

Customers in our Oil Field Service side routinely comment on our personable employees and quick turn around time.  They pick up a phone and generally have same day service.  Many large oil companies are using us for propane, oils and lubes and methanol because there is no 1-800 to somewhere many provinces away, or series of hoops to get service.

Bottom line, we provide a full scope of farm and oil field services from custom application of seeds, trucking and combining, custom lease site spraying, and the sales of Wheatland bins, and our Outback GPS auto steer systems.